Consttant Babe: Whitney

Please introduce yourself, what you do, and where you are based.
I’m Whitney Green, Bay Area native, so you know I’m always hyphy. I love trying new things and am always putting myself out of my comfort zone. This year I’m graduating from UC Davis and hopefully moving to New York.
image courtesy of Paret Photography for Consttant
Share a quote either from someone or somewhere that inspires your originality, to be you and not care what anyone thinks. 
I am constantly motivated by the fear of not doing enough. Ernest Hemingway once said “I can't stand it to think my life is going so fast and I'm not really living it”. I always try to do the most with my days, since there are countless opportunities for adventure!
What motivates you on the daily?
In the future, I hope to have enough stability and power that I’m free to do whatever I please. I want to be able to take a spontaneous trip or lounge in bed all day, or instantly bring an idea in my mind to life.
image courtesy of Paret Photography for Consttant
What is a negative experience that has turned into a positive experience, or just helped you to realize something about yourself?
I take all experiences whether positive or negative as learning opportunities. There’s always something you can improve on, even if it’s just for yourself. Something I like to remind myself is that everything seems like a huge deal at first, but all things change with time, whether that good or bad.
What is your favorite pieces from Constant and how would you style it?
My favorite piece is the Nori Denim Kimono, I absolutely adore it. I would wear it with a sleek Solange inspired white pantsuit, so that there would be a dynamic shift in the color contrast, especially with the open back.
Shop Whitney's favorite piece: the Nori Denim Kimono.
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 What is your favorite song, artwork, movie, etc. that inspires you and how does it make you feel?
I love the 90’s and early 2000’s fashion and pop culture. The outfits of that time were either hilariously bad or simplistically perfect. I love thrift shopping so I am able to bring this inspiration into my wardrobe.
What are your dreams and how do you want to achieve it?
I guess my dream is to live a life that I can look back on and smile. I love going on adventures, traveling, and meeting new people so I think doing that would be fulfilling.
 image courtesy of Paret Photography for Consttant
What do you want to see more of in the world?
More honesty, either with oneself and others. To be truthful to your emotions and intentions is a sort of freedom.
Image courtesy of Paret Photography for Consttant
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