Consttant Babe: Valentina

Please introduce yourself and what is up next for you.

My name is Valentina Reate, I'm about to start my first year at cal poly Pomona but I'm originally from Daly City, CA


What is your favorite Consttant piece and how would you style it?

My favorite piece from Consttant would probably be the Consttant x Adria Mercuri t-shirt. I love the art on it and it pretty much goes with anything. I'd personally wear it with some boyfriend jeans and white vans!
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Share what inspires you to follow your dream.

My future is probably what motivates me on the daily basis. Just knowing that the best is yet to come, that the decisions and actions I make today can shape what happens in my future. The future can be a scary thing, but it's an exciting thing too. If you continue to work towards a better future you're ultimately bettering yourself as well.
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