Consttant Babe: Kelly

Please introduce yourself, what you do, and where you are based.
Hey, I’m Kelly. I am a full-time student at UC Davis. I currently live in Davis, but I’m born and
raised in Pasadena, California.
black sammy hoodie for winter fashion
Share how you came to doing what you do.
I got recruited to play soccer for UC Davis when I was in high school and got cut from the team after my freshman year in college. I now see the experience as a blessing in disguise and an opportunity to discover other interests, one of them being fashion.
Photo from Paret Photography for Consttant
(Photo courtesy of Paret Photography for Consttant)

What is your favorite piece from Constant and how would you style it?
The Corset Tee. I would wear it over a short leather skirt and my black flat form Teva’s- with
some silver hoops.
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Share a quote that inspires your originality; to be you and not care what anyone thinks.
“Accept your fear and move past it / Accept your love / Relax into yourself / #freeyourself”
–Willow Smith
consttant crew in the misa low cut tank top
(Photo courtesy of Paret Photography for Consttant)

What inspires/motivates you about it? Tell us about the time you first found it and how has it changed the way you think or act.
I really resonated with her words because it was during a time when I felt down on myself and was constantly comparing me to others. I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, stumbled upon the post, and had to screenshot it and write it down because it’s so important. I am in awe of Willow and her realness. I try to be my truthful Self in every interaction, no matter what company I’m in. It’s easy to lose one’s true reality in today’s society.

What is a negative experience that has turned into a positive experience, or just helped you
to realize something about yourself?
I’ve been dealing with depression for over a year. The whole experience has been really scary, but awakening because I learned more about my temperament and emotions. It’s made me passionate about mental health and has inspired me to want to be a psychologist.
What is your favorite song that inspires you and how does it make you feel?
I am a huge music fan so this is a hard question. My favorite song currently is Garden (Say It
Like Dat), by SZA. It makes me feel sad and angry simultaneously, but understood in that other women feel the same way I do about men and themselves in relation.

Share what inspires you to follow your dream.
Reading the news, learning about the opioid crisis, and mass incarceration rates in the U.S. I
think we can treat mental illness better than we do and I want to help make a difference.
kelly and whitney modeling consttant clothing
(Photo courtesy of Paret Photography for Consttant)
What are your dreams and how do you want to achieve it?
I want to be a clinical psychologist in drug and rehabilitation; and to destigmatize mental health. I will get two undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Communication in spring of 2018. I plan on working for a couple years and then going back to school to get a Ph.D.

What do you want to see more of in the world?
More love and acceptance among all people.
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