Consttant Babe: Janine

Describe what you do in a couple words.

I hope to excel in the knowledge of the anatomy of the human body and mind.


What is your favorite Consttant piece and how would you style it?

I love love love the ZF Unisex Tee and the Sammy Hoodie. With the tee, I either wear it as a dress or have the bottom tied in a knot & pair it with high waisted jeans! The Sammy hoodie is super warm and soft, and especially because we live in the Bay, I need a cute ass hoodie to perfect the simplest outfits. You can never go wrong with a black hoodie!

Shop Janine's fave pieces the ZF Unisex Tee.
The Sammy Hoodie will be dropping in September!

Describe your style.

I'm really into streetwear and shoes. I am always thinking of new fits to create. Putting together new ideas and thinking how I can always make my style a little more unique.

What is one of your hobbies or pastimes that affects you positively?

Dance has always been a part of my life, and it has built my confidence immensely. I was heavily influenced by being in the dance department throughout high school. Through every dance show and every rally we performed, I always felt so good doing the things that I loved with the people I loved.


What is something someone told you that inspires you?

“Everything happens for a reason”. Though this is an often used cliché, I truly look to this quote for when I feel like the whole world is against me. We all go through rough patches, but with every breaking, there is a blessing. It reminds me that I have to trust what has already been set for me, and if it’s supposed to be, it will be.


Share an event that was negative and lead to a positive.

I came out when I was very young, and it was never easy to be understood at the time. I was looked at differently by family, by friends, and even by strangers. In time, I realized that acceptance came from within, and as long as I knew who I was, I would reach my true happiness. It’s definitely been a journey, and not a destination- I am still looking forward to loving the person who I have turned out to be.


Share what inspires you to follow your dream.

Hard work and determination, I believe, are key elements to success. I am inspired by my peers who have experienced the worst of times yet manage to put a smile on their face. It’s truly amazing to see other’s rise from a low because then I know that nothing really ever is impossible.

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