Consttant Babe: Riah

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Please introduce yourself.

My name is Mariah Ellis, I currently am an aspiring model. I hope to one day to be signed to a big agency and live out my dreams as a high fashion editorial and runway model. I’m just this really silly, goofy, hardworking girl from the Bay Area.
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What is your favorite Consttant piece and what occasion would you wear it for?

My favorite Consttant piece would be the jumpsuit! It’s absolutely fire and super comfortable! I could dress it down and pair with some sandals and have a picnic or I can dress it up with some mules for a dinner!
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Share your favorite quote that inspires you to be you.

“Go hard or go home” is probably the simplest quote but it means the most. You have to give something your all, especially if it’s something that can literally make or break you and/or take you to the next level. You didn’t come all this way to half ass something right? So GO HARD OR GO HOME
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Tell us about a negative experience that has turned into a positive and helped you grow into who you are today.

I would always get made fun of for the way I looked. I’ve been made fun of because I’m skinny, because I have long lanky awkward arms, because I have a long neck, because I have a gap, anything you can think of. When I was younger I used to really hate myself, but growing up and out of the mind set of trying to be pleasing for other people to look at I’ve embraced everything that I am! I use all of the things people made fun of me for, for something that I feel like makes me beautiful. I’ve learned to love myself and it’s such a beautiful thing.
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If you could do anything in life what would it be.

If I could do anything in the world it would be to model. I think about modeling everyday, I dream about modeling for big companies, I fantasize about walking the runway for designers like Fenty, Versace, Marc Jacobs, etc!fresh ways to wear a summer wrap dress in fall

Top 3 favorite songs.

1) Get It Together by India.Arie, 2) Trip by Ella Mai, 3) Yosemite by Travis Scott

Share 1 tip of advice for someone to feel positivity and love ones self.

Look in the mirror and speak positive things to yourself! “You are beautiful, you will be great, you're better than yesterday, etc.”
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