Consttant Babe: Dana

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Dana Alyssa Ramos, I currently am going where the wind takes me. I love to travel and am passionate about self-development. I love beaches, sun and serendipitous moments in life. Right now I am inspired to curate some personal creative projects as well as taking part of creative projects of my colleagues. I am a lover of old cinema and fashion. I’m truly aware of my mortality and I want to be able to utilize my time on Earth vibrating effervescently with joy and unconditional love for myself, for others and whatever my chosen career path will be.

What is your favorite Consttant piece and what occasion would you wear it for?

My favorite is a tie between the Jorja Button Up Shortie in Jade and Tie Dye Sammy Hoodie. I love the cropped look of the button up yet elegance of the flowy sleeves. You can do it up with some nice trousers or down with some jeans; it’s very versatile. Probably would look great under a slip dress too. Très chic. Hoodies are a must for my casual, laid-back days. I’m quite picky on them in comfort & style and the Sammy Hoodie has both. I love that it has buttoned clasps for its front stomach pouch too. Evolutionary.

Share your favorite quote and movie that inspires you to be you.

One of my favorite quotes is “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency & vibration” by Nikola Tesla. I think we have the power to create the life we want to create if we are able to separate ourselves from the thoughts in our head and the expectations of those around us. Everything on this Earth is vibrating with energy and so are we, since we essentially were birthed from the Universe. I believe that if we express energies of love, awareness and gratitude in everything we do, miracles can happen. One of my top favorite movies is “The 500 Blows” by François Truffaut and “Inglorious Bastards” by Quentin Tarantino.

Top 3 favorite songs.

It’s impossible to pick only 3 as my favorites always fluctuate by mood but off the top of my head “Going gets Tuff” by The Growlers , anything by Frank Ocean and “There is a light that never goes Out” By The Smiths.

Tell us about a negative experience that has turned into a positive and helped you grow into who you are today.

I struggled a lot with my self worth growing up and as an adult looking back, I wish I could give myself the biggest hug. I’m quite hard on myself & tend to put others before me but I’ve learned to make peace with this by shifting these traits into positive & unique strengths. I’ve learned to accept and let go of what I can’t control and realized how sacred my energy is and should take most care of it.

If you could do anything in life what would it be.

I really would love to act. I would love to be the first Filipina on Vogue as well. That would mean a lot to represent my culture and to show how much fashion, art and film has inspired me. Along with that I hope to be a badass business woman, and be able to direct or produce films or music. All the while I hope to see the world, as I very much love to travel and immerse myself in culture and adventure.

Share 1 tip of advice for someone to feel positivity and love ones self.

Where you are challenged you are equally supported. Challenges are opportunities for growth and there will always, always people around to help guide you. Also, use fear as fuel and go for your dreams. Follow your intuition. Trust the Universe.
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