Consttant Babe: Bea

Describe your style.

I am a very open person especially when it comes to my style. I don't think I have a set style how I dress. It just depends on the day and my mood.

What is your favorite Consttant piece and how would you style it?

My favorite piece from Consttant right now, is the Consttant x Adria Mercuri Collaboration graphic tee. I'd probably wear some light washed 501 levi's, an earthy toned flannel, and my sk8 high Vans.
Bea's fave piece will be launching 9.4.17.

What is your favorite type of music and what about it makes it mean something to you?

I love listening to 2000's R&B songs. They never get old to me. This is when music was actually appreciating women versus degrading them. I also love the way people dressed in the 90s-2000s, so it takes me back.

What is one of your hobbies that brings you positive vibes?

I love fashion. On most days I dress pretty bummy and wear a lot of loose clothing. Working at Nordstrom for almost 3 years as a personal stylist made me appreciate different patterns and textures of fabrics and how to piece them together. I feel this made me more comfortable exploring and working with pieces I wouldn't normally wear.
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