Top 5 Bakeries and Cafe's in San Francisco

Since recently moving to San Francisco, I thought why not make a list of cafe's to check out too! I love going to coffee shops to relax and enjoy good pastries. It's one of those little treats I do for self care and recharging. So let's get started:

1. Noe Valley Bakery

noe valley raspberry cheesecake
The best cheesecake ever! It has raspberries and is not heavy at all. I ordered a latte as well and it was HUGE. I appreciate a good sized latte when the flavor is not compromised. The interior is very homey yet minimal which is an aesthetic I love.
san francisco best cafes and pastries

2. Sight Glass

san francisco best hipster cafes list
Sight Glass is right around the corner from the Consttant studio and I always get the almond latte (latte with almond milk). It's hard to find a good latte that is actually still strong in flavor after it has been doused with milk, especially almond milk. Also the inside is a modern rustic dream come true.
best coffee places in the bay area
Such cute cups! They are that cool that they have there own coffee cups and plates with their graphic on it.
hipster rustic interior design
sight glass coffee san francisco
Again how cute is this to-go cup. They should definitely design some thermos with the same print. I'm pretty sure any merchandise they make will sell like hot cakes.

3. Thorough Bread

best raspberry pastry baked goods
Consttant ZF Tee sighting! Ok so this place out of all the recommendations is my ultimate favorite for baked goods. Every time I go I order at least a coffee and a pastry and if I'm really treating myself a sandwich too. You'll have to get at least 2 out of the 3 when you visit. The quality is always steady and never questionable and they make all the pastries themselves!
instagram worthy food pic
how to make the best blt sandwich
This is the turkey bacon club with cream cheese. My go to sandwich every time I go. It comes with a small side salad and made with the soft bread. I usually like my bread toasted with sandwiches, but this bread is so good that it doesn't need to be toasted. That's the true test of a good piece of bread!

4. Vive La Tarte

almond croissant with coffee
I think I have a thing for almond croissants. If a place makes a great almond croissant I'm sold. Half of this place is the kitchen and bakery and the other half is for seating. Such a great open space. They serve Sight Glass coffee here and I always get the mocha to accompany my almond croissant.
minimalistic interior design

5. Hollow

hidden gems of san francisco
 Photo from Turn Table Kitchen
A very small cafe that only has about 3 or 4 tables. But that's what makes it extra cool finding this hidden treasure near Golden Gate Park.
wooden rustic table
All of the drinks are equally good here. It's a great place to check out after a long walk through Golden Gate Park.
photo from tiffany wang blog
Photo from blogger Tiffany Wang
Extra shot! This is not in San Francisco, but definitely worth noting.
If you are ever driving to Lake Tahoe of Reno stop by this cute little coffee shop in called Coffee Bar and order an iced dirty chai.
coffee shops in reno
The outdoor seating is spectacular and looks like it should be a secret getaway.
nude summer color palette
hipster coffee shop interiors
Comment down below what your favorite cafe is.
One of my favorite things to do is check out cute cafes around the city. I wonder if there's a group of people that do that like a coffee club. Let's start one!
Stay Consttant.
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