The Name Game: A story behind each style

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As promised I am letting all you Consttant babes know the meaning behind each piece that is a part of Each style that I design is always named after family, friends, or even people that inspire me. Along with each story, I also share some insights behind the design process that inspired each piece. I am starting with the first 5 pieces that were launched and will bring more to the series with each coming style:

miya cropped tee photographed by june hexter

1. The Miya Cropped Tee: On a trip to Seattle and Portland with my S.O. We visited the Museum of Modern Art in Portland to see the Andy Warhol exhibit. Not only did I grow a newfound inspiration for Andy Warhol's work, but I also stumbled upon a collection of old kimonos that were beautifully displayed in a little corner of the museum. On a small placque I saw the word "miya" meaning temple and beautiful.

marek urbanski photograph of the zf tee

2. The ZF Oversized Tee: Named after the term "zeff" from one of my favorite artists Die Antwoord. Song Suggestion: "Banana Brain". I also combined this with Zelda Fitzgerald's initials because I read a biography about her called "Z" and it was eye opening to read about the wife of a famous author. She was just as talented as her husband in the arts and it is quite an inspiring story.

working girl vibes in the misa tank top

3. The Misa Tank: One of my closest friends and I have the nickname Misa that we both share because our names are really similar. So in honor of our friendship I named the it the Misa tank top.

vivian chuang in the nori denim kimono

4. The Nori Denim Duster: This piece is one of the favorites for you Consttant Babes. While I was doing a lot of pop ups around the bay area last year, it was always so great to hear feedback for you all because it was one of the designs that came to me instantly. I had always wanted a jacket that had a lot of pockets and served a purpose through functionality. My mom's name is Nori and it fit perfectly with the urban Asian vibe that this denim kimono gives off. 

you are your own original quote on the sammy hoodie

5. The Sammy Hoodie: I am always an advocate for bringing more functional pieces into women's clothing. I am inspired by the fact that men's clothing can combine fashion and function into most of the clothing available to guys. Both my grandpa and my dad have the name Sam. Since a hoodie is a more universal style, I was inspired to name it after them.

Thank you for reading! I can't wait to share more about the people who inspire me and why each piece is so special.

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