The Makers Series Part 2

Enjoy Part 2 of getting to know who makes your super soft Consttant tops! 

Part 2 of Consttant clothing interview manufacturers for the Consttant Core Collection

Please explain the embroidery process behind the Consttant Core Collection tops:

We have been working with our partner in the embroidery process for 8 years. They are machines from China and Japan (the best). It is the same everywhere in the world. Another critical point of the embroidery process is the staff who does the manual cleaning of the inner interlining. It has to be very skillful and very clean so that the embroidery is perfect.

Share about the quality of this rich Pima cotton. Where it is grown and sourced, including the process it travels through:

Not all cottons are created equal. Thanks to ideal growing conditions, Peruvians Pima cotton is one of the world’s finest. Known for its exceptional softness and lustre, this superior cotton is also extremely durable.

  • Extra Long Staple (ELS): This is not something found in the stationery cupboard. ‘Staple’ here refers to fibre length. Pima fibres are twice the length of regular cotton fibres.

  • Extremely Durable: The extra long fibres mean super durable cotton that is resistant to pilling. So long-lasting is the nature of Pima, you’ll be wearing our tees long after your regular cotton ones have fallen apart.

  • Exceptionally Soft: But it doesn’t stop there. As well as making tees that are very hardwearing, extra long staple also creates cotton that is unbelievably soft.

Tell us about the facilities and production line of a top from the Consttant Core Collection start to finish:


  • Picking: There is great, then there’s the absolute best of the best. All our Pima cotton buds are picked by hand to ensure we get the finest quality possible. These cotton buds are then spun into yarn using traditional methods that have been around for generations.

  • Knitting: Our guys in Peru have decades of experience and knowledge. This, combined with state of the art circular knitting machines, means that our Pima cotton jersey has that perfect amount of stretch and retention.

  • Dyeing: We spend days looking at colours to make sure we pick the right ones for our products. So it stands to reason that we like to make sure the colours stay put. Our fabric is soaked in eco-friendly dyes, then washed to set the dyes.

  • Cutting & Sewing: A great deal of care is put into each piece, and there’s no better place to see this than in the construction. There are no automated machines or robots here. Each item is cut and pieced together one by one.

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