Consttant at the Renegade Craft Fair

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Below is me interviewing myself because I felt so blessed to have such a great positive experience at the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco. I needed some way to document everything I felt and learned from my first experience selling at a market. I feel like this little interview really helped me lay everything down and absorb all of the positive outcomes and how to keep growing Consttant.

How was my experience at the Renegade Craft Fair?


Would I do the Renegade Craft Fair again?

Yes! Once new styles are developed and complete. (Currently IP)

What was the most challenging aspect selling at my very first fair?

Keeping track of inventory and organizing all of it, since it was a 5'x10' space.

What was the most rewarding aspect?

Getting to meet new people and share the story behind Consttant. Along with getting a taste of what my brand needs to accomplish financially to keep growing.

What can I improve for next time?

Telling more people about Consttant social media because ya know, theres a huge giveaway that is happening right now.

How is it like selling at the Renegade Craft Fair?

It was such a great experience, I got blessed to share a booth with a really awesome illustrator Abbie Paulhus! And we even got to do an art trade together. It was a busy the whole day and I am truly thankful for that. I was kept on my feet helping customers, talking to new people, and restocking items. I will never complain about that, I love being kept busy. So many people walked by and I succeeded at handing out all the fliers that I created. That was a personal goal of mines to push myself to meet and greet that amount of people that I could hand a flyer to.

What was the planning process like?

I found out I got accepted into the fair in April. I actually found out about it late because the acceptance letter was in my spam folder... good thing I had checked! I then contemplated if I wanted to show at this fair because I only recently launched the website and have only a handful of thoughtfully designed pieces. I went on to design pieces that I would sew myself and also revamp hand picked vintage shirts. There were highs and lows as time went by, I did not end up showing the hand sewn pieces that I was planning on. But I am so happy that I did decide to do the show, because the pieces that I did display were a great success and I wouldn't have wanted this first show to turn out any other way. 


Feel free to leave a comment if you have any other questions you are curious about. Also if you stopped by the booth say a "Hello!" down below.
I am also working on editing a YouTube video to talk more about my experience first hand and it will be published soon. 

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