The Moody Series: July

summer graphic fashion design


summer short hair styles


creative direction for fashion photo shoot


cozy chair for cozy interior


90s midcentury living room interior


long trench coat for rainy weather


off the shoulder baby blue blazer


sea glass by the seaside collectibles


emma rowen rose in consttant


modern and chic interiors


beaufille via vogue runway


diy tshirt reconstruction


asian model in black


girl lounging in chair

We are half way through this years monthly mood board challenge! I am already thinking of what next years theme for the blog should be. Maybe a monthly round up of awesome food spots in the Bay Area, if you have any suggestions leave a comment down below! I am writing this blog post a couple days after returning back from my family reunion in Hawaii. It was refreshing to take a break from daily tasks and chores to truly let my mind rest and be at ease. Remembering to designate time for self care is a common theme that I talk about in our monthly updates with each other. As always there is a little disconnect coming back from vacation and starting the daily grind of life again. Instead of saying no to going on a small walk or going for a drive to your favorite dessert place, say yes! Keep the positive activities constant even when you are back to everyday life. Don't just have a vacation and think you can't treat yourself everyday, keep it going by adding in daily doses of positive and fun activities for yourself daily!

Stay Consttant.
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