The Moody Series: January


shadow art photography

womens suit with a tutu

vintage issey miyake advertisement

minimalistic office inspiration or studio

sweater weather turns to spring

vintage winona ryder black and white photography

typography and layout inspiration

street style fashion fanny pack inspiration

vintage jil sander advertisement

girls in suits

(All images are sourced from the web)
One of the goals for 2018 ( notice I say goals and NOT resolutions) is to create monthly mood boards. My intentions are to collect my creative thoughts and put them into a visual that I will place onto the wall of my studio each month. Towards the end of 2017, I found myself being consumed by admin and the duties of running a small business that I wasn't allocating enough time to purely be inspired and have visuals to spark my creative bug. So the point of doing these monthly mood boards is to grow in my aesthetic, build deeper knowledge of the inspiration and art that I love to learn about, and designate time in the beginning of each month to sit down and be inspired. Going back to the beginning of why I choose to write goals this 2018 is because I am aiming to reach smaller goals that I can achieve over several months and create new ones or build upon them as the year goes on. In this I can incorporate them into my life and make it part of a daily or monthly routine for myself to grow. I hope you can join me in this monthly mood board challenge or simply designate a little bit of time each month to purely be inspired to do something creative.
Stay Consttant.

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