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The Moody Series: May














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I've been wanting a place to be truly honest with how the process has been recently with Consttant. Gladly here I can both show my inspiration and let you in on what has been happening behind the scenes. Social media is a place for both these aspects too, but there is only so much you can do or say on each platform. So the question I have this time around is: have you ever felt your limits tested? Learning new things and being open to acceptance of events in life are some examples that can test your limits of how you once handled things and how you can exceed how you did before the second time around. The term "spring cleaning" can relate to both abstract and concrete objects in life. I've realized for myself that life can move so fast with many new positive and negative experiences that sometimes I need to take a pause and learn from them. Especially taking a moment to pause and really appreciate the positive that surrounds all of us in this fast paced world. Try this week sitting down and writing in your journal, taking a walk, or even going to a special view to realize all the positives going on at this very moment.

Stay Consttant.
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