The Moody Series: March

model kiko

Ganna Bogdan photography

balenciaga socks and sandals

agosto es un mes diabolico by edna o brien

fine interior

get ready with me featuring ordinary people


le smoking

friends and coffee

coffee and cigarettes

in the park

going home from times square


(All images are sourced from the web)
As Consttant reaches it's 1 year birthday on April 4th, I wondered how I can show you all more of who a Consttant Babe is. This has been on my mind of how I can better share the her story and in what sense you can also picture yourself in similar situations. So for Consttant's next photo shoot in April I decided to first focus on a day of a Consttant Babe. This mood board challenge is actually a peek into this theme and how I am researching to show you a glimpse into the Consttant Babe life. Ultimately these snapshots of her life from day to night are meant to be taken and drawn out to continue from your own imagination. It will be shot in many of San Francisco's recognizable places, but also can look anonymous to let yourself imagine where she is, what's on her daily itinerary, and inspiring you to create a story to imagine and create for yourself as well.
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Stay Consttant.

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