BTS: The Elise off the shoulder top

behind the scenes BTS clothing update factories manufacturing Peru

elise off the shoulder top in lilac
The photo above is the finished product photographed by Marek Urbanski and modeled by Alaysia.
I designed the Elise off the shoulder top from the idea in my head that I wanted to take a twist on the popular off the shoulder silhouette. It has Victorian vibes with how the front of the top looks while also modern and playful.
original technical packet i made for consttant
This is the original flat that I drew on illustrator for Consttant. First I draw a quick doodle when the idea comes to me, then I translate it onto a clean digital version by drawing it with vectors on Illustrator. Lastly I will measure out every detail and create a technical packet full of measurements to communicate my design to my manufacturer's.
elise off the shoulder top
The first samples in production are always made with overstock pima cotton that is saved and helps reduce waste. It is not till the actual product arrives that I get to see everything in the final colors that I pick!
detail of a polo shirt
When I first arrived to the manufacturer's office in Peru, I saw this little detail that I wanted to add on to the the hem of my design. The hem is a technical term for the bottom of a garment. Adding this binding detail allowed me to make the cropped top longer in the back which added more movement and flare to the overall top. It's a great finishing touch, that was added last minute.
making final revisions to the second to last garment sample
During the week and a half that I was in Peru, we would go through each style making sure that every revision was noted and corrected for the final sample before I left to come back to the states. A design insight is that we actually use tape and write on it whenever we need to point out specific details that need to be communicated to the seamstress.
measuring the cording for my design
I wanted to make sure that the cording for the front of the top wasn't too long that it would get in the way of wearing the shirt. I ended up shortening the length and it turned out beautifully!
cording made for the last sample
This was the cording made for the last sample, that was then hand placed into the front of the top.
final garment sample of the off the shoulder top
Yes, this one is pink which gladly is just the overstock fabric that's used to make the sample. It was so rewarding to see the final sample come together before heading back from Peru and so happy that everything came together in the end.
Check out the behind the scenes video from Peru here!
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