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I've created a list of top 3 Youtubers that I find inspirational and really have helped me organize myself for both personal and business aspects of life. I have to be honest, sometimes I end up watching all of these videos and will be on the sofa for a little too long. BUT, the motivation is definitely there once I get up off the couch. :P
The reason I am sharing about my favorite YouTubers is because recently I had to realize which forms of social media have a positive impact on me rather that tear me down. At first I wanted to delete all social media because it can really engulf your whole life and consume all of your time. But that is a huge step and I realized it can be started by focusing on what helps me personally feel positive and bring inspiration to my life. So I honed in on YouTube because it does not make me feel sad (choose your videos wisely) and building your own list of YouTubers that make you feel positive is such a great way to keep you motivated too!

All the links to some of my favorite videos are linked down below as well.


I've been following Frannerd for a long time through my personal Instagram account, and not too long ago found out she has a Youtube channel too! Her videos about motivation and draw-with-me videos are so great to watch. She talks about how to stay motivated by keeping yourself busy, what it is like to be freelance artist, and has really great videos about how she plans her schedule too. She does not only highlight all the positive notes of being a freelance artist, but keeps it real that it's normal to run into bumps in the rode.
Below is a list of several videos that have inspired me
(but honestly all her videos inspire me!):

Furry Little Peach

Her graphics throughout her videos are so cute! I wish she made more videos because I love seeing the BTS and her studio tours. It has inspired me to make a studio tour for Consttant which I am currently working on. She inspires me that the freelance path as a designer and working hard makes it all a possibility. Also her Instagram is goals because she always snaps the best WIP pictures that look like works of art themselves.
Favorite video by Furry Little Peach:

Cam & Nina

Along with being inspired in our work paths, I also find it important to be inspired to be healthy in what I eat too. Yes, this is a hard thing to do, but adding one thing healthier to your diet every day will lead to future days of changing a majority of your diet into what is ideal for your body and will help you prosper mentally and physically. They cook vegan meals that always turn out amazing and even watching them prep the food is as cool as when the final product comes out.
Favorite videos by Cam & Nina:
Thank you for reading this blog post and making it all the way down here! Stay tuned for the October Playlist, Studio Tour with Q&A, and what I've used to help push me a long my entrepreneurial journey.
Stay Consttant.

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