How to Style the Misa Tank Top

I know for a fact that I have a select amount of tank tops that actually do justice of being comfortable, functional, and flattering. The Misa Tank does exactly all 3 of these things and more. I can dress it up to go out on a hot day or wear it to the gym (it's really breezy, especially because of the open back).
So I wanted to share how you can make your Misa Tank Top the star of the show. I hope these styling tips can spark creativity for yourself to try out a new style and mix different things in your closet together. That's why I designed these first pieces for the Constant Core Collection because I wanted them to spark styling creativity and easily integrate into your closet so that new outfits can be tested with these as a base.
1. Super cropped hoodie - I had an old hoodie that I was about to donate, so I chopped off a majority of it and layered it on top of the Misa Tank.
2. The Misa Tank - Since it is a tank top, it creates less bulk with the hoodie layered on top of it
3. Pinstripe Skirt - Adding some texture and pattern creates a unique spin to this outfit
4. Over-the-Knee Boots - I always like to play with long and short lengths while styling myself. For this outfit there is the shortness of the hoodie and mini skirt, so styling it with extra long boots creates a balance and shows that peek of skin between the boot and skirt.
1. Misa Tank - Layer the tank top under the body con dress creates a little opening for the shoulder to peek through which was 
2. Body Con Dress - Play with reversing a dress that has an open back and it will create a whole new one!
3. Over-the-Knee Boots - It's always good to be able to reuse different pieces from your closet. In this case, these boots are used for a fancy occasion creating major versatility.
1. Misa Tank - Perfect to show off a lace bralette that is tucked away in your closet.
2. Lace Bralette - Usually the back detail of really cute barrettes always get hidden unless you wear it to a festival by itself. But with the Misa Tank you can actually wear a shirt and still get to show off your favorite lace bralette.
3. Fishnets - Later underneath any bottom and it adds an edgy texture.
4. Ripped Boyfriend Jeans - Does not have to necessarily be ripped, but the rips create places the fishnet stockings can stick out more. The loose the jeans the better! It creates a balance of sexy and relaxed look.
I hope this post helped spark some creative juices in your brain to go an test out a look you've been wanting to do! I challenge you to wear an outfit that is out of your comfort zone and notice how you feel. Just with a small change in what you wear can be so exciting!
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Stay Consttant.
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