Mini Food Guide to Lima, Peru

It was so fun creating this blog post of my favorite food places I went to while I was in Peru to work on manufacturing. It was like taking a trip down memory lane and remembering all the food dishes I wish I could surround myself with once again. All of the restaurants are located in the city of Lima and are surrounded by other beautiful destinations to see. To keep it short and sweet I've condensed the list into my top 7 recommendations along with some notes I've left along with the pictures. Click the restaurant name to find their exact location and too see more delicious photos!

1. Punta Azul

Miraflores, Peru
punta azul
While waiting for a table at the restaurant, the waiters would give free samples of some of the dishes and drinks they have on the menu. How nice is that!
punta azul
The key is to eat some ceviche with the sweet potato that is included to tame the acidity of the lime that they season the fish in.
Seafood Soup
punta azul
Passion Fruit Juice
punta azul
I loved how juice is a big thing in Peru! You can pick from a variety of exotic fruit juices to come with your meal.

2. Cafe at Museo Rafael Larco

Lima, Peru

outside of the museo larco
greenery in the cafe at museo larco
Chicken Noodle Soup
Quiche with Side Salad
Green Tea
Salmon Salad
museo largo cafe food in lima
Beautiful scenery and delicious food. Enough said.

3. Veggie Pizza

Barranco, Peru
veggie pizza peru
veggie pizza peru
veggie pizza peru
Large Pizza with 4 Different Flavors
veggie pizza peru
veggie pizza peru
On the table were little trays like the one above that fit each square of pizza perfectly. My favorite topping flavor on the pizza is the one above, it has avocado, sesame seeds, mushroom, corn, and I don't know how there is cheese because everything is vegan!
Mango Juice
veggie pizza peru
Best mango juice I've ever had! It is not liquidy and tastes fresh with the pulp of the mango.

4. Puku Puku

Lima, Peru

outside terrace at puku puku
Cappuccino and Americano feat. Big and Lil Alpaca
cappuccino at puku puku in lima
Sitting in this adorable cafe is the perfect rest stop after visiting Kennedy Park to see the cats and shopping in the souvenir markets near by.

5. Palettas

Miraflores, Peru

palettas at larco mar mall
popsicle flavors at palettas
I chose the Strawberry Popsicle with Condensed Milk Filling. It is in the shape of a lego and I was surprised at how soft it was. I wouldn't call it a popsicle and the texture was not like a sorbet, but practically like the creamiest strawberry ice cream ever.

6. Sofa Kitchen

San Borja, Peru

sofa kitchen

The interior of this restaurant is so unique and the plant life inside is so refreshing. In this district of Lima there are a lot of parks through out and it'd be perfect for a walk after having a fantastic meal.

sofa kitchen plant wall

consttant travels to peru
Mini beef empandas need to become a staple food here! With a dash of lime it's the perfect food on the go.
Pesto Linguini with Chicken
sofa couch restaurant pesto and chicken
I feel like most pastas tend to throw protein on top and it usually has no flavor because the pasta is the main show. But not this dish, it was a perfectly seasoned chicken cutlet with a wonderful pesto sauce. The pesto sauce was so smooth and had a different consistency than the ones here in the U.S.

7. Manolo

Miraflores, Peru

Churros con chocolate
cup of chocolate
Also located super close to the cafe I mentioned earlier called Puku Puku. I thought the chocolate would be super thick, but the consistency is actually drinkable and the perfect dipping sauce for a warm churro.
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