The Makers Series No.1

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Consttant found a missing link, providing a unique twist to modern street wear styles and connecting it to wear the clothing is made. Here in "The Makers Series", owner Marisa Lee, interviews the companies that she has been working with everyday with to bring you the Consttant Core Collection. Allowing for you, to see and hear about the  manufacturers that help turn a dream of a sketch into something tangible.

Topics in this interview cover sourcing of material, processing, and provides you with a better understanding of the journey your Consttant piece takes to get to you. We are all part of a unique journey, aren't we?!

Interview with Peru manufacturers for Consttant clothing

Let us know how your company came to be:

We started 11 years ago in the textile market and was born of the idea of taking advantage of the excellent raw material that we possess in Peru, and transform it into quality garments that are recognized worldwide. Our value proposition was always to accompany the customer in all his creative and productive process until achieving his final product. In the last 11 years we have learned to have a closer relationship with customers, and to be a supplier that proposes solutions to customers, which exceeds their expectations as a supplier.

Tell me about the makers who make up your company?

The main resource of our company is the staff. We do all the developments and designs here. We also organize the production process. We involve our staff in all processes and quality controls, in this way they are aware of the importance in the quality required by customer.

The personnel that performs the different processes are specialized people, who have years in the sector, know their work well, are aware of the quality required.

What are your values and philosophies as a company:

Our philosophy is based on 3 pillars. These pillars that mark our philosophy are associated with a constant process of quality, which is reflected in the final product and which is valued by the customer. We not only sell products, we sell the experience of being able to carry out a productive process with much comfort and confidence.:

1) Listen: We receive all the information of our clients, to be able to understand its requirement, philosophy, objectives.

2) Mind: Once received the information of the client, we get involved, we think, we analyze to be able to have solutions to the client's expectations

3) Inspire: With the solutions, actions, and proposals we impact and inspire our direct and indirect clients.

Consttant hopes with this it can bring consciousness and knowledge of where your clothing comes from and be open to finding out more of the options there are in fashion and the world.


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