The Moody Series: February

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egon schiele hands sketch

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renaissance painting girl in veil

embroidery on sheer top

bay area model portrait photography

 buttons on suit

drinking coffee at cafe

chloe sevigney on film

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I wanted to share a little post on how I recently dealt with increasing my motivation and focus to get tasks completed. There are a lot of events coming up for Consttant including: receiving pieces from Peru, starting production in San Francisco, creating new media content, and moving to a new studio in the South of Market District. It's important to for me to have these big tasks always in the forefront of my mine. But I realized I need to give the same amount of attention and energy into activities that help me grow as a person and build upon my personal hobbies. This leads me into the topic of daily routine. I recently started to build a small routine that I incorporate into my life everyday. I used to think that routine in life makes it boring because then you know what is coming next. On the contrary I proved myself wrong because I've started reading, writing in my journal, and meditating daily. Due to incorporating this small routine of 3 tasks, it has upped my ability to focus and stay productive. I started with creating a to-do list, setting up reasonable deadlines to follow in my calendar, and broke down what steps I need to take to achieve everything I wanted to get done.
Comment down below and with what 3 things you can incorporate into your life as a daily routine.
Stay Consttant.

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