Creator Series: Interview with Jewel, Owner and Creator of Cactus Hound

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consttant and cactus hound creator series interview

Please introduce yourself and what you and what your creative profession is.

Jewel Tucker is the plant-loving / macrame makin' lady behind Cactus Hound - a collection of handmade home goods and houseplants that is her creative side hustle. Each Cactus Hound handmade item is designed, knotted, woven, dyed, and produced by Jewel in her San Jose, Calfornia home. She prides herself in using the best materials possible and strives to produce unique pieces that will last a lifetime.
cactus hound macrame creations

What inspired you to start your entrepreneurial journey?

In 2014 I was working at a boutique that specialized in small clothing and jewelry brands. I spent my days surrounded by the amazing work of local makers/entrepreneurs and I wanted to be like them!
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What was the first step you took to start it all?

The first step of my macrame journey was to get my work in front of people. The owner of the shop I worked at was kind enough to let me decorate the store with my work. Pretty soon stuff was selling and people were even asking for custom work! Once the ball was rolling I decided to take things more seriously, I bought the domain name, registered as a business, and started doing some craft fairs around the Bay Area.

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Share a quote from someone or somewhere that inspires your originality, to be you and not care what anyone thinks.

"The less you own, the less that owns you." I have no idea where I heard this quote...a Snapple cap maybe? ;) I love this quote because it gets me out of the mindset that having more is better/things are disposable. Lately, I'm finding it so refreshing to have fewer things in general and only hang on to things that I really love - like handmade art or well-made clothing or a beautiful houseplants.
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Share your favorite song, artwork, movie, etc. that inspires you and how does it make you feel?

I'm mesmerized by Ruth Asawa's wire sculptures. The organic shapes, layers, and transparency of her work is hauntingly beautiful to me.
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What is your favorite piece from and how would you style it?

I'm obsessed with the Nori Denim Kimono - Shortie (since I'm a shortie). I think its perfect for everyday. I'd style it over a basic tee and jeans with a pair of white vans classics, a top bun, gold hoops, and some cat-eye sunnies to complete the look. Iconic!
Shop Jewel's favorite piece, the Nori Denim Kimono Shortie!

Tell us about a dream of yours.

In the future I want to visit all the National Parks and just travel more in general. Yellowstone here I come!
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What is a negative experience that has turned into a positive experience, or just helped you to realize something about yourself?

In the past I’ve had several custom service/ retail roles inevitably there would be some unhappy even angry customers. No matter what, even if I couldn’t get them to leave happy, I would always be able to keep my cool. Getting through those tense situations made me feel like I could handle anything!
jewel tucker owner of cactus hound interview feature

What are some of your self care rituals?

My best self care rituals are taking a long walk to get some fresh air in nature, finding a cute dog to pet, and a good soak in the tub (bath bomb optional).
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What is something that you want to learn more about?

Weaving. There is so much to know about materials, looms, tools, techniques. It's intimidating but that's also why it's so exciting to me.
jewel tucker handmade macrame artist
Shop Jewel's beautiful macrame creations at
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Location of photoshoot at Gray Whale Cove State Beach.
Photography by Marisa Lee.

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