Creator Series: Interview with Teresa, Creative behind @trippy.teaaa

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consttant and teresa from @trippy.teaaa

Please introduce yourself.

My name is Teresa, pronounced the Spanish way. If that requires "too much effort, it's too hard," you can call me T. I'm a creative specializing in fashion photography and modeling based in San Francisco

What inspired you to begin your entrepreneurial journey?

I was enrolled in a journalism program, and part of it was taking a social media class whose final project was starting a project account for any of our interests. It was the perfect excuse, and more importantly it was finally the push I needed, to start taking fashion photography seriously.
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What was the first step you took to start it all?

The first step I took that started it all was... well nearly lying to someone. They'd reached out to me, interested in doing a photo shoot. At this time, I'd only photographed close friends who were comfortable enough to let me practice on them, my lovely guinea pigs to this day. So I "faked it till I maked it," or really just believed in myself. I called myself a photographer before I felt I was one, I owned the title given to me before I was ready, which I guess wasn't really a lie.
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Photos from the Trippy Tea x Consttant Fashion Editorial.

Share a quote that inspires your originality, to be you and not care what anyone thinks.

wearing a kimono in the nude

Share your favorite movies that inspires you and how does it make you feel?

I like Psychological Thrillers, Night Crawler, American Psycho, American Beauty. Things that make me feel uncomfortable, unwelcome, and mortal.
dress form and teresa for consttant photo shoot

Name your favorite piece from and how would you style it? For what occasion?

My favorite piece from Consttant is the corset T-shirt, and I'd style it with some torn up jeans and some sexy hair topped off with a cool hat, I'm a suckr for funky hats. Oh, and sneakers duuhhh.
Shop Teresa's favorite piece the handmade corset t-shirt.

What are your dreams and how do you want to achieve it?

Giiiiiirl where do I even start.... I want to be successful full time artist. There's no crash course you can take on how to make that happen, no 101 or program. I'm not sure when or how it'll come together but I want to travel, write, photograph, record, and edit for the rest of my life. Pretty much what I'm doing now, on a larger scale, take myself to new markets and the cutting edge.
@trippy.teaaa and consttant collab
Photos from the Trippy Tea x Consttant Fashion Editorial.

What is a negative experience that has turned into a positive experience, or just helped you to realize something about yourself?

My relationship with myself and my work is always switching from positive to negative. I can look at something TOO critically and become unmotivated, send myself into a funk. Other times I can look at the same thing and feel on top of the world for having thought of it or created it. Learn yourself, your mind, no matter whether its good or bad and be okay with it.
teresa posing for the consttant creator series

Share about some of your self care rituals?

I like to read, which is a very new habit for me. I'm surprisingly not on my phone as much as you'd expect, doing work in social media and all. I don't leave the house without the standard: Phone, Keys, Wallet, Point and Shoot Film Camera, and Book. With these in my bag and myself as my favorite company, I like to go on walks and to coffee shops.
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What is something that you want to learn more about?

I want to learn more about the industry ties within the fashion world and how I can infiltrate them.
To see more creative work from Teresa, follow @trippy.teaaa and @father.teresa.

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