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Consttant clothing and Ree Artwork collaboration logo
Collaborating with other female artists is something I've always wanted to do with Consttant. Being able to showcase other creators artwork and collaborating has always been a dream of mine and especially now that it is being printed on a t-shirt that means something. The remastered tee is not just a regular t-shirt, it is designed and meant to be styled and worn giving you the option of wanting to create unique styling opportunities or to wear it as a core basic that you can always go for.
Scroll through and see the journey of how the collaboration print came to be!
(All pictures below are courtesy of Ree Artwork)
Little plant and cute sketch from Ree Artwork from her personal studio
This picture is so cute! I was so excited when Ree first showed me this early sketch of the drawing.
Artist calligraphy drawn by Ree Artwork for Consttant clothing
Some fonts that Ree had sent me when we were discussing layout and overall look of the graphic. I had chosen the one on the bottom left corner because it has a raw and calligraphic look to it. The t-shirt design on the tye-dye tee's has a very similar feel to the font that is on this t-shirt.
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Early sketch from Ree Artwork for Consttant clothing collaboration
The story behind this drawing idea, was from a post that I had made on the Consttant Instagram when I first created it. I had just posted a photo and came up with the phrase "Quiet and kind with a fucking creative mind". I feel like it really represents who a #consttantbabe is. I hope when you wear this shirt, it makes you feel empowered to create and accept who you are. Acceptance of one's self is a journey, and Consttant is here to remind you that it doesn't all fall into place in a snap and it is okay, because we are all part of our own constant journey.
Ree Artwork and Consttant clothing collaboration graphic
I'd like to thank Ree for being the first artist to collaborate with Consttant. I hope to continue this with the remastered basics. Making a change to printing on t-shirts that will make you feel good and have lasting quality, while also made ethically.
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