Creators Series: Interview with Ree Artwork

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Below is the full copy of the interview for multiple reading options, enjoy!

Please introduce yourself and what you do.

Hey there! I’m Ree, and I’m a freelance illustrator and designer. I also sell art prints, t-shirts and stickers of my work in my independent online store, and I do videos about my illustrations and my process behind them.

Share how you came to doing what you do.

I decided I wanted to make illustration my career about four years ago. So, I thought it would be a good idea to share my stuff on social media thinking it would be a fast and easy way to start putting my work out there. I was consistent and share my drawings often, I enjoyed the feedback and slowly improved my skills and developed my own style. I was lucky because I gained a following that allowed me to quit my day job and start doing what I love!

What motivates you on the daily?

I think the act of creating something of your own is the most fulfilling feeling there is for me, so I just become obsessed with art and the things I can do with it, even if they might not seem like too much for someone else. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to create more and more things! that motivates me a lot, also the curiosity of seeing the results of all my hard work after time passes. It’s a slow journey, but I love accomplishing goals or finding myself drawing or doing something easily that used to be hard for me to do. I guess improving and learning is a big motivation!

What is an experience that has helped you to realize something about yourself?

For a lot of different reasons (personal, work-related and one out of my control: my original country’s situation) I have moved many times in my life, I’ve lived in 6 different countries and 8 different cities in less than 8 years. My passports always look pretty cool. I know, it sounds amazing! But after a while it starts to burn. Life is so unpredictable! I go to these different cities and work very hard, I always do my best and keep going. This is hard and it’s trickier when you deal with depression. Things never go as planned, and I know that very well now. I crave for calmness and for settling down somewhere for good, building friendships that won’t become long distance, not debating if something will fit in my baggage a few months later, just having a place I can feel at ease. I’m grateful thought, I’m not complaining! But it gets tough, because I go to this places to work hard and things happen and I think how easier it could be if things were different, but then I get scared because I don’t know who I would be if things were different. I’ve gone through so many good, amazing, terrifying, and sad experiences these years and I’ve discovered so much about the world and myself. I really love who I’ve become and I wouldn’t ever change that!

What is something you always remind yourself to do while creating?

To be patient and kind to myself. That it’s ok if things don’t work out, there’s always another blank canvas or another day ahead.

What inspires you to be you?

Mmmmm, I think I just don’t think about it. I feel like I wouldn’t feel ok trying to be anyone else!

Share what inspires you to follow your dream. 

To be able to someday look back and be glad I built a good life by following my dreams and my passion. Being able to help and be there for my loved ones.

What do you want to see more of in the world?

I’d like to see more compassion and acceptance.

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