April Showers Bring May Fowers and a Rad Playlist

Playlist consisting of Drake, Jorja Smith, Khalid, Saloange, and other hipster music

Simply click the picture above for a full playlist of the songs created by me on Google music or check out the YouTube videos by clicking the song names. Perfect to play while lounging at home in your ZF Tee or chilling in the park with your new Consttant embroidered cap.

1. Jorja Smith - "Beautiful Little Fools"

  • Jorja Smith is a recent discovery of mines and also my new girl/ style crush. Her style and music videos are all so perfect, she will definitely be on the mood board as I design these next clothing pieces for Consttant. I found her from Drake's album More Life and listen to all of her songs on repeat.

2. Lion Babe - "Jump Hi"

3. Drake - "Madiba Riddim"

  • So hard to find the song to listen to, but if you have his album More Life put it on repeat.

4. Sampha - "Under"

5. SZA - "Sweet November"

  • I started listening to SZA more than a couple years back and never put a face to the music until recently. I love SZA's style how it is so unique and tom-boyish yet sultry at the same time. Her Instagram is also linked by clicking her name if you want to see her style.

6. Solange - "Cranes in the Sky"

  • Oh Solange... Her music video is just so perfect and artistic. From the colors down to the drapery of her clothing and the natural landscapes. Everything ties together to become a perfect dream.

7. Khalid - "Saved"

  • A close friend of mines introduced me to this song and I instantly fell in love with it. The Misa Low Cut Tank is also named after her!

8. The Hics - "Lines"

9. Folded Like Fabric - "Falling and You Caught Me"

10. Blu & Exile feat Black Spade - "Maybe One Day"

  •  Been listening to Blu&Exile since I was in HS and dig every song from them ever created. Trust me every song that they're released is something to listen to all day on its own.

These songs are in no particular order and I hope that you enjoy them and find yourself loving a new artist. I love being able to share with you the vibes that I like to be surrounded by when I'm creating or relaxing. I know everyone will feel differently from the music listed above, but that's the beauty of our reactions and different emotions.

Stay Consttant. 



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